Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster will position Canada as a global leader using big data to advance economic opportunities and address the biggest productivity, health and sustainability challenges facing Canadians and the world today.

The consortium includes founding members TELUS, Microsoft, Teck, Change Healthcare, Providence Health Care, and the University of British Columbia. Since being short-listed as one of nine applicants, new members from across Canada have joined, including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Canfor, GE Digital, The Terry Fox Research Institute, University Health Network (“UHN”) - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, SickKids and over 200 other organizations and post-secondary institutions resulting in over $500 million in committed funding.


Cross-Industry: Health, natural resources, and industrial applications will be the starting point for our projects – recognizing the strength of these industry sectors in Canada.
Collaborative Approach: The partnerships and benefits will be felt across Canada. Our Supercluster will advance projects that are guided by defined industry needs and will draw upon capabilities from participants to advance solutions using virtual, mixed and augmented reality, data analytics and quantum computing.
Here are three examples:

Secure Health and Genomic Platform will help build the core data infrastructure required to create advanced cancer treatments personalized to the unique genetic makeup of a patient.

Earth Data Store will facilitate improved data collection, sharing and visualization – enhancing confidence in resource sector project planning and assessments for proponents, Indigenous Peoples, government and communities.

Digital Learning Factory will help facilitate collaboration on the development of virtual environments that enable design, rapid experimentation, and testing of cost-saving approaches to address the most significant challenges in modern manufacturing.Geographic Location:
Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is BC-born. The Province has had a strong technology boom since the 1980s. In fact, $26 billion a year is generated in revenue, making BC one of the fastest-growing technology sectors in Canada. The most significant geographic advantage as the Canadian gateway to both Asia – one of the fastest growing global economies and – the Cascadia Corridor along North America’s West Coast


New economy, new jobs, new products and platforms.

The Digital Supercluster was among nine supercluster concepts that were shortlisted by the Government of Canada and invited to submit a full application by November 24, 2017.


We are working with partners to establish Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster as a world leader & bring about global impact. #DigitalSupercluster

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Did you know that over a ten-year period, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster has the potential to invest more than $1.4 billion to fund over 100 collaborative projects involving more than 1,000 organisations across Canada? #DigitalSupercluster

I'm thrilled to see the BC-driven Digital Technology Supercluster move forward! I firmly believe that if approved, it will significantly help to further establish Canada as a global tech hub. Learn more here: #DigitalSupercluster

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster serving Canadians from coast to coast is poised to create 50,000 jobs and $15 billion in GDP, over ten years for Canadians #DigitalSupercluster

Curious about Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster? Check out the new members and economic benefits. #DigitalSupercluster

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster will bring together the best of digital tech innovation to generate substantial economic benefits for Canada: #digitalsupercluster #tech #canadiantech

Wavefront is proud to be a partner in the Digital Technology Supercluster. Read how this initiative will impact Canadians: #CanadianTech #tech #digitalsupercluster

Curious about Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster? Learn how this initiative is poised to create 50,000 jobs and $15 Billion in GDP for Canadians over the next ten years. #DigitalSupercluster

BC's #DigitalSupercluster proposal is an exciting opportunity for #BCecon and Canada's innovation agenda w/ partners from across BC's diverse economy incl. tech, mining, life sciences, manufacturing, aviation, post-secondary education. #CDNecon #CDNpoli

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